Colin Mason is an Artist based in Norfolk that producs art to sell, art to hire and offers painting classes based in beautiful rural Norfolk.

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Winter Mist by Colin Mason
This 3 day course is full of challenges to allow you to paint evocative light to produce sensitive paintings both subtle and bright. It shows you how light can make or break a picture in its application by using brushes and palette knives.

While tackling these studies we will look how some of the other great painters used reflected light to great effect in order to produce truly magical works of art, which are as fresh today as when they were first painted. You will learn how the effective use of paint creates both stark and subtle tones and how its use can change a painting. It’s about understanding colour, timing and deciding when to use different paints to create effects.

All materials, equipment, a light lunch and refreshments are included in the fee.

Fee: £165.00